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Brickell Key Condos

Brickell Key Condos

Brickell Key Condos history

The man-made island of Brickell Key is a 44-acres, master-planned community located at the mouth of the Miami River in Brickell Miami. Brickell Key’s master developer, the parent company to Swire Realty, Swire Properties, invested over $1 billion into the property starting with its first development, Brickell Key One, the first Brickell key condos, and controls all undeveloped land on the island. Brickell key Condos were born. The island is dotted with exterior artistic sculptures, many by Cuban Master Sculptor Manuel Carbonell, and lush landscaping, including 20,000 transplanted trees across several acres of green space for the area residents, retail patrons and hotel guests to enjoy.

2 office buildings of Brickell Key and 12 Brickell Keys Condos

The Island is home to two office buildings, Courvoisier Centre I & II, and a number of luxury condominiums and offers downtown proximity with the peaceful feel of an island. The Brickell Key Marketplace is a convenience to the residents of the island, and features amenities that reduce errand running, from the market to a juice shop and dry cleaners, as well as two restaurants, one of which, NAOE, was awarded with a Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Award.

A prestigious Hotel on Brickell Key, The Mandarin Oriental

Brickell Key doesn’t stop at NAOE with its five star appeal, it is also home to the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, Miami, also a five star recipient, as well as home to the five star restaurant, Azul, and Miami’s only five star spa. Brickell Key is truly an exceptional jewel in Miami.

In addition to the fore mentioned Brickell Key One, luxurious residences on Brickell Key include Asia, Carbonell Codominiums, Courts Brickell Key, Brickell Key Two, One Tequesta Point, Two Tequesta Point and Three Tequesta Point, Isola and St. Louis Condominiums.

Brickell Key Condos a place to live

An Exclusive and Private Island Condo Paradise in Miami with a spectacular quality of living. therefore, it is with no doubt the right time to invest in one of the condos on this island. 

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