Real Estate Market Study in 2017

Real Estate Market Study in 2017

“People think of Little Havana because of a price perception: They’re thinking that land is cheaper there right now and that it will eventually get up to Brickell’s levels,” Rosso said. “But Brickell has a lot more to offer than Little Havana and will continue to be a very desirable place. Anything that is on the sand or the ocean will always maintain its value and continue to go up.”

Rosso points out that when new luxury towers south of Fifth Street on South Beach went on the market 10 years ago, they sold at square-foot prices ranging from $500 (Icon) to $800 (Apogee).

“Today, those units are trading for $3,000 per square foot,” Rosso said. “Even I’ve been surprised at how much they’ve gone up in value over the long run.”

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